Thick Film Technology

Fine Lines Thick Film Application and Process

Fine line Thick film


High Density Interconnect
15μm line / 20μm space with high yield on alumina ceramic substrates.
30μm line / 40 μm space with 50 μm vias for multilayers
20 μm lines / 30 μm space within LTCC & HTCC structures.
RF and microwave (up to 200 GHz is reported)
Components like fuses & MLCI chip inductors
Plasma displays and RF shielding on glass

Process advantages over thin film

Precise shape and planarity multilayer structures
Better RF performance at higher frequencies
Very fine lines with accurate geometry and sharp edges
Low resistivity
Photoimageable dielectric and mixed metal conductor compositions
Low cost, fast process
No chemical waste
No hazardous gases
Less clean room constraints

Fine Lines Thick Film Solutions

 thick film screen printer automated line

Aurel's automatic printing lines are designed with a modular approach that allows to build a customized system according to the production trend.
The lines are designed to ensure the highest throughput and minimize the human factor by reducing the preparation and production changeover time in order to achieve maximum OEE.

Fine line thick film solutions
Fine line thick film process