Advanced  Die Bonder and Open Platforms

JFP die bonders are designed for a wide range of applications. All systems can be configured to meet your needs and upgraded with additional features. Our die bonders achieve high-accuracy placement using adjustable magnification optical devices and a reliable, robust mechanical concept.

PPOne die bonder, sorter and stacker

The PP-One sorter is designed for accurately picking and placing delicate devices. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including ASIC, MMIC, MEMS, VECEL, and larger components.
The PP1 series offers customers the best cost-to-performance ratio on the market.


Epoxy placer & sorter
Die Sorter Die Placer  Model PPOne


Fully automated process
Micro placer
Wafer sorter
Epoxy die bonder
Double head system
4 stages multi purpose platform


And more..


Laser bar Stacker / Unstacker
 Laser Bar Stacker PPOne-S

PP6-HD series flip-chip and eutectic die bonder

The PP6 series flip chip die bonder is a semi-automatic device designed to accurately place delicate devices on substrates or customized packages. It achieves precise placement (<3µm @ 3 Sigma) using a high-quality optical device mounted on a fixed and rigid assembly. The Smart Video Mixer, with multi-window capability, is a user-friendly tool for substrate and device video matching.
flip chip die bonder


Flip mixed video alignment
High resolution CCD camera
Dual chamber eutectic oven
Excellent temperature uniformity
Smart video mixer
High accuracy placement
Small foot print


Pick & Place
Flip chip
Flux-less Reflow solder processes
Operating with Inert gas,
Forming gas, Formic Acid
Eutectic thermo cycle

MPS-5 Manual mini die placer & Inspection station

The MPS system ensures accurate picking and placement of delicate devices. Its rocking head design provides an easy solution for adhesive. The video interface supports full HD camera with adjustable digital magnification for flexibility in placing small and large chip sizes. The system achieves high accuracy placement through true vertical motion and camera targeting. The MPS is a robust and reliable mechanical concept that includes a side camera for process vision. The camera can be tilted at any angle and has high magnification zoom capability for very small devices or critical processes.


Lab & prototyping
Small parts handling
Epoxy dispense
Solder past
SMD reflow
Eutectic die bonding


Vision alignment system
Smart video mixer
Rocking bond head
Pick & Place
Force adjustment

 Manual epoxy die attached MPS