Consulting & Services

We support you in developing and implementing your individual product requirements. Our range of services includes:

Process development



Additional Service

From materials and process development to expert witness services, NPOS Technologies provides the technical microelectronics consulting services and expertise you demand.


We analyze your specific requirements and provide comprehensive solutions including metallurgical expertise involving GaAs, GaN, Gap, LiNbO3, Silica on Silicon, organic support and other non homogeneous multilayer semiconductor material.


We offer:


DOE including process characterization and SPC data with DPO> @5 sigma

Conformity to MIL-STD-883 Class K and Class H

Comprehensive report


Our field of expertise includes and not limited to:


Dry process dicing and breaking

Indium. GaAs, InP, Silicon, Glass...


Die attach & Flip-Chip

Eutectic: AuSn, AuSi, SnPb, C4, Indium, Au, Ag...


Au TAB Thermosonic bonding


Covering the entire spectrum of wire bonding application

Al, Au, Cu wire types

Ultra fine pitch technology

Wedge Thermo-sonic Au wire from 7 tens to 5 mils

Wedge Ultrasonic Al & Cu wire from  1 mil to 20 mils

Ball Thermosonic Au wire from 8 tens to 2 mils

Ball Termosonic Cu wire from 8 tens to 2 mils



We bring our expertise to support and improve manufacturing processes used to assemble your products, identifying material problems or equipment set up issues through evaluation of yield, quality, and production data (SPC).


We support in production environment the following applications:


RF/ Microwave assembly

Space Hybrid device assembly

Optoelectronic, Transceivers, receivers, transmitters assembly

High density interconnection

Secure devices

LED -based backlighting & illuminators assembly

Power LED



We establish training programs at your site and provide expert training in back end process assembly according to your process & equipment in related field for the manufacturing of Military, Aerospace & Medical Products.


We introduce alternative formats and emerging technologies using today's organic support.


Training session on processing in microelectronic assembly.


Wire bonding courses include cold welding technologies, machine characteristics, wire bond qualification, relevant physical process, process window, tools and wire selection.


Our courses are suitable for all level of engineers, scientists and management involved in R&D, manufacturing, process and product development.


Custom Training Sessions available.


Equipment services include:

Equipment tuning to optimize its performance

Equipment calibration

Repairing equipment if necessary


We offer PM contract that includes limited warranty. Our reports allow implementing our services into your quality procedure


In addition to our product line we service:

KnS wire bonders

FK Delvotec Wire bonders


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