Die bonder, Sorter, Stacker


Model PP1 series

The PP-One Platform designed for accurate Pick & Place of delicate devices is a perfect tool for handling Laser Diodes/Bars. Specific Laser Bars ejector kit is used to pick the Bars directly from wafer hoops ...

The machine provides a simple solution for automatic placement of separator devices, with automatic Feeder/Stacker units. Wafer tape or customer magazine

Vision magnification is continuously adjustable.... Small local zoom windows can opened at the edge of bars to achieve high accuracy placement.

Die Sorter

Model PP1 series

Laser bar Stacker

Model PP1- Stack



4 stages multi purpose platform

Double motorized heads

Automatic Laser bar and spacer stacker

Die sorter  and pick and place

Wafer ejector unit


Pick & Place

Stamping/ dispensing epoxy

Die sorter

Laser diode stacker/ unstacker

 Flip-Chip and Die Placer

Model PP6-HD series

The semi-automatic Flip Die Bonder model PP6 series  are designed for accurate placement of delicate devices on substrates or customized packages.

It achieves accurate placement (<3µm @ 3 Sigma), using high quality optical device, mounted on a fix and rigid assembly.

The  JFP Smart Video Mixer, with multi-windows capability, is a very friendly tool for substrate and device video matching.


Pick & Place

Flip chip

Flux-less Reflow solder processes

Operating with Inert gas,

 Forming gas, Formic Acid

Eutectic thermo cycle




Flip mixed video alignment

High resolution CCD camera

Dual chamber eutectic oven

Excellent temperature uniformity

High accuracy placement

Small foot print

Model PP5 series


PP6-5 Eutectic  -pdf file-

PP6-6 Flip-Chip  -pdf file-

PP7  Flip - Rework Station  -pdf file-

Mini Die Placer & Inspection station

Model MPS-5

The MPS fulfill accurate Picking and Placement of delicate devices.

The rocking Head design provides an easy solution for adhesive.

Video Interface for full HD Camera, with adjustable digital magnification for flexibility, small and large chip sizes. A true vertical motion achieves high accuracy placement combined with a true vertical camera targeting. A side camera, provide process vision;  it can be tilted at any angle; high magnification zoom capability for very small devices or critical process.

MPS is a robust with a reliable mechanical concept,


Accurate picking & Die placement

Digital zoom

Tool holder with Rocking head

Easy solution to apply epoxy


Pick & Place delicate device

Stamping/ dispensing epoxy

Lab & prototype


Universal Die bonder Platform

Model EMU

The EMU is an automatic assembly or is an operator-guided or automatic micro assembly system for picking up and placing of components from various presentation formats, as well as applying adhesives. Typical applications include: manufacturing of prototypes, samples, small-medium series production and process evaluations utilizing micro system technology.

The EMU was design to be a cost effective handling system.


Free organization of 16''x16'' working area

component presentation in all forms

Basic system with modular configuration

Gantry multi-axis system

Small foot print


Multichip module

advance packaging

Chip on chip


Model EMU

EMU  Download  -pdf file-

Automatic Epoxy Die Bonder

Model fab1 series

fab1 is an automatic assembly system for handling virtually any kind and size of component, as well as for applying adhesives. Typical applications are pick & place, sorting, inspection and test function. Flexibility, easy operation and optional configurations of this compact equipment permit the fabrication of standard and advanced packaging technologies.

The fab1 uses the latest hardware technology combined with a network transparent fully graphical control software interacting with a SQL server back end.

Model FAB1


500mm x 430mm working area

component presentation in all form

2x 8 '' wafer

High speed multichip bonder

Linear servo motors

inline capability


Multichip module

advance packaging

Chip on chip


Eutectic soldering process...

FAB1  Download  -pdf file-


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