Laser systems

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Laser Trimming Model ALS300 series

The Aurel model ALS300 series offers a versatile laser trimmer for a large spectrum of applications. on ceramic, glass, silicon, plastic and PCB substrates, from ohmic trimming of chip resistor networks to active and functional trimming of hybrids, digital and RF circuits.

The ALS lasers are offered either as a basic system, or with optional handling modules for integration into  production line.

Overall versatility, in-field upgrades and lifetime support program make them the right choice for the industry.


Flying probe or Probe cards

 Dual configurations system

Different laser sources available

Automatic vision system

In line Automatic Handling option


Thick and thin Film Resistor trimming

Functional Trimming of chip resistor

Ohmic and Functional Trimming of RF Module

Laser Marking on Ceramics, Metals and Plastics



Laser Cutting Model ALS200.3

The Aurel model  ALS200 laser system has been designed for scribing, drilling and cutting of ceramic substrates for thin film and thick film hybrid circuits. The system is compact, reliable, safe and easy to use. This is the result of the technical collaboration between AUREL and EL.EN, two companies with many years of experience in the production of YAG and CO2 laser generators & systems for electronic.


CO2 laser system

Gas self refilling solution

High speed linear XY motor table

 Automation and handling options

Substrates up to 6''x6''


Ceramic substrates, Thin film and thick film




ALS300 GM Download -pdf file-

Model ALS200.3

ALS200 Download -pdf file-


Laser Marking Model ALS6100

The AUREL model ALS6100 laser marking system has been designed for plastic, stainless steel, aluminum material. The marking can be applied on flat, round surface or continuous tape roll to roll. The system is compact, reliable, safe and easy to use.


Writing speed up to 350 chr/sec

160mm x 160mm marking area

Hurryscan scanner head

 Automation and handling options



Plastics, PCB

Stainless steel


 Flat  or Round surface

Continuous tape roll to roll


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