High Vacuum Sealer

2 Heating zones with getter activation

Model 2Z-HVS-200 2

The  HVS 200 features 2 Zone High Vacuum Sealer for sealing of  MEMS-Packaging under high vacuum. The electronic component can be processes before sealing in 2 heating zones with different temperatures up to 450 °C. This allows also the getter activation. There can be processed 6 packagings in parallel (maximum 6 adapters each with 42 mm diameter). A key feature is the automatically positioning and sealing of the parts, whereas both parts must have the same temperature. The control of different heat-up ramp rates and/or ramp-down is excellent.

MEMS sealer 2 heating zones with getter activation

Sealing and thermic encapsulation of MEMS

Getter activation
Component separation during thermal processing in 2 temperature zones
200mm diameter
Bottom & top heating

UP to 4 gas lines (MFC)

Data logging
PID controller
Optical process control
Vacuum up to 10⁻6 hPa
 Max temperature 450℃

 Ramp up rate 20 K/min (in vacuum)

Ramp-down 20 K/min (dto.)
Chamber cooling by external water system
Water cooled
High vacuum sealer adapter for MEMS

6 Adapters with 42mm diameter each


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