Ultrasonic Bonding tool & Components


Ultrasonic Transducers

50KHz to 140KHz trensducer for wire bonder and flip chip bonder

SONICA offers complete design and fabrication of transducers with frequencies from 50KHz to 140KHz

Fine wire transducers for ball & wedge bonder

Heavy wire bonder transducers

Heavy duty flip chip transducers


Compatible with most manufacturer equipments




Fine & heavy wire bonder trensducer.

Low Impedance

Multi-Piezo elements

Model MKIV

Digital multifrequencies ultrasonic power supply for wire bonder and die bonder

Operating frequency range from 50 to 150KHz

Fine wire bonding; Heavy wire bonding; Flip chip bonding

Output power 5 to 30 watt

12 bit digital input

RS 232 communication

Compatible with most manufacturer's equipments

Custom SW communication protocol


Ultrasonic Power Supply

SONICA ultrasonic power supply is a microprocessor based design featuring a unique Phase Lock Circuit for piezoelectric transducers over a wide range of frequencies.


O.E.M Version

OEM digital multifrequencies ultrasonic power supply; Model MKIV

Compact design specifically for O.E.M use.  High resolution 12 bit digital input control for power and time.  55 to 150 KHz frequency range.  Plug and play options.  RS232 communications.


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